15mL Centrifuge Tube

15mL Centrifuge Tube

15mL Centrifuge Tube, Conical, Sterile

15mL Centrifuge Tubs, Conical, Sterile, Racked

Centrifuge Tubes - Smooth Screw Cap

  • We use virgin polypropylene to make centrifuge tubes. It is an exceptionally chemical-resistant material.

  • They are autoclavable with the ability to endure the temperature of up to 121°C.

  • They can withstand high centrifuge speeds with 15ml tubes enduring up to 12,000g while 50ml tube enduring 9,500g.

  • With white graduation and a large blank area, it is easy to write on these centrifuge tubes.

  • To avoid confusion, tube caps are available in different colors.